Welcome to Platinum Bullies

American Bully Dog Breeder in Australia
Shipping Australia wide and Internationally.

Our passion and love is for the pocket American Bully dog. 

Here at Platinum Bullies also pride ourselves on the care and love all our American Bullies receive, the way our dogs live is not like large kennels or what people picture when they hear the term back yard breeder, our dogs are walked daily and out sun baking in one of our two acres of paddocks we have for them, than served up premium raw food, bathed and massaged regularly.

Our team also believe dog breeding can be done very humanely at a high level, because someone is always at the facility, the dogs are apart of a pack and get to play with each other, we believe our dogs are having a better life than anywhere else they could be.

We believe the American Bully is the best dog around, come find out why, follow us on social media below and stay tuned for upcoming litters of puppies. We’re also here to answer any questions about our dogs, the incredibly stringent process we go through to ensure pedigrees are clean and there are absolutely no health problems anywhere in the lineage, or any other questions you might have. Get in touch!