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upcoming Breedings

To Reserve a pick from an upcoming litter please contact Steve on 0439381823 or email
A questionnaire and puppy contract will be sent and then upon approval a 25% holding deposit is taken and the remaining paid prior to pick up or transport of the puppy.

Sold - Mr Bean litter sold, repeating breeding in late August, contact Steve on 0439 381 823 for reserving a puppy from this litter.

One of our most anticipated breedings of the year. Line bred ABKC Nationals winner Grand Champion Thee Buss meets Grand Champion Mr Bean the most tidy extreme pocket American Bully on the planet that was reportedly sold for more than 1 million US dollars. See videos on you tube of Mr bean and Thee buss, type “mr bean bully” or “thee buss bully” in you tube search.

Our girl Peanut is the tidiest female in our yard, the most compact pocket American bully we have seen. We think this will be a very special breeding. 

1ST Pick male Reserved to Platinum Bullies

2nd pick male Reserved 

3rd pick male Reserved

1st pick female Reserved Platinum Bullies

2nd pick female Reserved Jamie B

3rd pick female Reserved

King Khafre meets Magoobla Puppies due June 6th Large litter of 10 plus expected

Our imported Muscle tone Stud King Khafre will be bred to our Imported muscle tone blood female Magoobla. Both mum and dad have a pedigree full of the impressive muscle tone extreme pocket American Bullies such as Champion Magoo and Grand Champion Casablanca. 

Large litter of 10 plus seen confirmed in ultra sound.

First Pick male Reserved to Platinum Bullies

Second pick male Reserved Andrew Y

third pick male Reserved Rose C

fourth pick male Reserved Brandon T

fifth pick male Available $5000 pet home only.

first pick female Reserved Jamie B

second pick female Available $20,000AUD intact breeding female

third pick female $7000 for pet home only or a $12,500 for intact breeding female

fourth pick female $5000 for pet home only.

CHAMPION Redbull bred to Platinum Bullies Lucia (Grand champion Chumper daughter and Champion Lucky Luciano granddaughter) pUPPIES Due 30th of June 2021

Champion Redbull has been bred to our Female Lucia and we are expecting a litter of impressive American Bullies with the complete package, big blocky wrinkly heads on great structure.

Champion Redbull semen was imported from the UK to make this happen as well as Lucias imported Grand champion show lines.

Champion Redbulls father named Grand champion Thee Buss won ABKC Nationals, ABKC Nationals in America is what many consider the World Cup for the breed. Champion Redbulls mother is sisters to the infamous Demon Boy who is considered by many as one of the most complete American Bullies. 

Lucias father Grand Champion Chumper and grand father Champion Lucky Luciano are other infamous American Bullies who are both considered to be in the top producing studs of all time. We are not mentioning some of the blood further back in these blood lines but I think you may get the idea that a mixture of pedigree like this will be incredibly nice.

First Pick Male – $20,000 (Full ABKC Pedigree papers for breeding)

2nd pick male – $8,000 pet home only or $15,000 for full ABKC Pedigree papers for breeding

3rd pick male – RESERVED – Corey P

First pick female – Breeders contact Platinum Bullies for pricing.

2nd pick Female – $8,000 Pet home or $15,000 full ABKC pedigree papers for breeding

3rd pick female – $6,000 pet home only or $12,000 full ABKC pedigree papers for breeding

SSS Bullies "The Golden Child" meets King Khafre daughter "Platinum Bullies Black Opal" Puppies due roughly December 2021

The Golden Child is a young stud that has quickly became one of the most talked about and used American Bully Pocket studs in USA today, with his beautiful Champagne colour, incredible mass and a pedigree of two times Champion Grimm there is some reasons that he is so hyped up over there and popular at the moment. Grimm his father was the producer of countless of the top studs over there currently such as Brimm, Luca Brasi, Thee Rock, Emperor Nero etc  and now we have two times Grimm in golden child thanks to his very impressive mother Cocaine cowgirl and of course Sam Leam and Khanh Nguyen (USA).

Platinum Bullies was the first to secure and import Golden Child semen into Australia and we have some very impressive females lined up for him including Black opal a King Khafre daughter, Grand champion Rocko Grand daughter and a great grand daughter to the infamous Champion Lucky Luciano. 

This is an exciting breeding for us indeed. 

1st pick male Reserved Platinum Bullies or $50,000AUD Mains ABKC Pedigree papers for breeding.

2nd pick male $20,000AUD with Mains ABKC Pedigree papers for breeding.

3rd pick male -Reserved Corrina D

1st pick female Reserved to Platinum Bullies or $50,000AUD with Mains ABKC Pedigree papers for breeding.

2nd pick female $20,000AUD with Mains ABKC Pedigree papers for breeding.

3rd pick female $8000AUD for pet home only.