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To Reserve a pick from an upcoming litter please contact Steve on 0439381823 or email
A questionnaire and puppy contract will be sent and then upon approval a 25% holding deposit is taken and the remaining paid prior to pick up or transport of the puppy.

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King Khafre X Aruba puppies were born on 12th of February

Khafre x Aruba. The most extreme (most muscle mass, bone and thickness) pocket American Bully in Australia King Khafre, our imported Grand Champion Casablanca son who is 15 inches tall to the withers (shoulder blades) and 40 kgs heavy,  will be bred to our imported Champion Lucky Luciano Daughter Aruba. 

Both King Khafre and Aruba are great with dogs and kids. 

Aruba is a very short 14 inches tall to the withers and 33kgs, short through the back and has an impressive pedigree.

We expect impressive puppies with a wide variety of colours possible, Fawn, blue tri colour, blue, black etc.

1st Pick Male – Reserved Jessie O

2nd Pick Male – Available $8000 Pet home only

3rd Pick Male – Reserved Andrew Y

1st Pick Female – Reserved Adam B

2nd Pick Female – AVAILABLE

3rd Pick Female – Reserved Cherie S

Please contact Steve on 0439381823 or to make a reservation or to be added to the waiting list and contacted if more puppies than the 6 are born and to be given information about future litters.

Grand Champion Muscle tones Mr Bean meets Champion Redbull daughter Platinum Bullies Peanut. Breeding going ahead in February 2021.

One of our most anticipated breedings of the year. Line bred ABKC Nationals winner Grand Champion Thee Buss meets Grand Champion Mr Bean the most tidy extreme pocket American Bully on the planet that was reportedly sold for more than 1 million US dollars. See videos on you tube of Mr bean and Thee buss, type “mr bean bully” or “thee buss bully” in you tube search.

Our girl Peanut is the tidiest female in our yard, the most compact pocket American bully we have seen. We think this will be a very special breeding. 

1ST Pick male Reserved to Platinum Bullies

2nd pick male $12,000 Pet home only 

3rd pick male $10,000 Pet home only

1st pick female Reserved Platinum Bullies

2nd pick female Reserved Jamie B

3rd pick female $8 000 Pet home only.

King Khafre meets Magoobla Expected around May 2021

Our imported Muscle tone Stud King Khafre will be bred to our Imported muscle tone blood female Magoobla. Both mum and dad have a pedigree full of the impressive muscle tone extreme pocket American Bullies such as Champion Magoo and Grand Champion Casablanca. 

First Pick male Reserved to Yao J

Second pick male $10,000 pet home only

third pick male $8000 pet home only

First pick female $20,000 for intact breeding female 

second pick female $10,000 for pet home only or $16,000 for intact breeding female 

third pick female $8000 for pet home only or a $12,500 for intact breeding female

ABKC NATIONALS WINNER GRAND CHAMPION Axel bred to Platinum Bullies Lucia (Grand champion Chumper daughter and Champion Lucky Luciano granddaughter) expected June 2021

ABKC Nationals winner Grand Champion Axel is one of the most dominant show dogs to enter the ABKC show circuit in USA. He retired on top taking out ABKC Nationals. 

He was kept very exclusive in USA but we were lucky enough to become good friends with one of his owners Tyler Wilson after purchasing a female from him so we have exclusive rights to Axel here in Australia. He is known to produce a beautiful blocky head piece, short compact and correct Pocket American Bullies with very sweet natures. 

He will be bred to our Grand Champion Chumper daughter Lucia  (she is also a grand daughter to Champion Lucky Luciano). Puppies are expected around June and we expect a litter of predominantly blue and blue tri colour. 

First Pick Male – $15,000 (Full ABKC Pedigree papers for breeding)

2nd pick male – $8000

3rd pick male – $6000

First pick female – $17,500 (full ABKC Pedigree papers for breeding

2nd pick Female – $8000 Pet home or $14,000 full ABKC pedigree papers for breeding

3rd pick female – $6000 pet home only