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King khafre x BRBC DEBBI

platinum bullies australia studs

King Khafre Puppies due to be born on the 31st of August.

These puppies have a pedigree stacked with the legends of the American Bully world, Grand Champion Casablanca, Nationals winner Grand Champion Thee buss, Nationals winner Grand Champion Axel, Champion Magoo, Eminents Big Boss and of course our boy King Khafre that is known to be the most extreme pocket american bully in Australia. You will not find a dog with more muscle mass/thickness on a pocket frame in Australia. King Khafre is also known among the bully community here in Australia for having the sweetest nature and not being phased by anything, great with other dogs and children. He is around 39Kgs and 15 inches tall. Imported all the way from Ohio in USA


We will be breeding our stud King Khafre to our imported female BRBC Debbi. Debbi aka Debra was imported from Bent River Bully Co in Illinois USA.  She is  ABKC nationals winner grand champion Axel daughter (Nationals is basically like the yearly world cup for the breed), she is also an ABKC Nationals winner Grand Champion Thee Buss grand daughter.  She is 13 inches tall and 28kgs, very short through the back, great structure and show confirmation, all though she is our smallest female she has proven to be our best producing female thus far, her pedigree really shows through when we see the puppies she has produced, short stocky, short back, great show confirmation and a big blocky wrinkly head coming from the axel and buss in her pedigree.                                                   

Both mum and dad both have extremely sweet personalities, expect the same from these puppies.

Mum of the puppies to be has the more show tidy balanced dogs in her pedigree while dad has the extreme mass monsters, we expect a blend of the two, very short compact puppies with impressive features, ie big blocky head and muscle mass.

Both mum and dad are DNA tested and cleared. We expect predominately black and blue puppies.          

Debbi x King Khafre

1st pick male Reserved

2nd pick male Reserved

3rd pick male AVAILABLE

1st pick female Reserved

2nd pick female Available

3rd pick female Reserved.        

Please contact Steve on 0439381823 to reserve your puppy or to be added to the waiting list as we frequently have large litters.                                                                                

Double L’s Myestro bred to Double D’s Black Pearl litter due to be born on the 4th of September.

Grand Champion Rocko Meets Grand Champion Beastro and Champion Lucky Luciano grand daughter.

Myestro daughters have been bred to rocko blood like big red and they are some of the nicest up and comers I have seen, hidden away by two of the top kennels in the USA that gave us a sneak peak when we first asked them what they thought of this breeding. Fair to say we got good feed back that we are in for something special here.

Myestro is the complete package head to toe just like our girl Pearl, they both do not lack in any department, wide body, short/compact, short back length, tight feet, good rear, great movement, good temperament, big block heady and good muzzle length and muscle mass throughout. 

Our girl pearl carries colour and with her being bred to Myestro we expect a very wide variety of colours much like her last litter when she produced puppies in blue, black, lilac and fawn, except this time we will have some puppies with the tan points (tri colour). 

Pearl x Myestro 

1st pick male – Reserved to Platinum Bullies

2nd pick male – Reserved

3rd pick male – Reserved

1st pick female – Reserved to Platinum Bullies

2nd pick female – Reserved

3rd pick female – Reserved

Please contact Steve on 0439381823 to be added to the waiting list as we often have large litters.

Muscle tones Nemesis breeding expected to go ahead around September with puppies born around November. 

Nemesis is the most extreme pocket american bully in the world ( Most muscle mass/bone and width on a short pocket frame), bred to our imported female all the way from Kansas USA Magooblaa (Imported Grand Champion Casablanca daughter)

I do not think we have to say much more about Nemesis, he is so impressive that he does not look real and will produce very solid puppies when put with our most extreme pocket female (widest/thickest with the most muscle mass).

These puppies are for those who want a pocket American Bully with as much muscle mass and width as they come. Expecting some of the puppies to be close to 40kgs in weight when fully grown. Mum is 34.5kgs at 15 inches tall and dad is around 45kgs at 15 inches tall (This height is measured from ground to the withers).

We are taking reservations for this litter now. 

Please contact Steve on 0439381823 or email