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King Khafre

Owned by Platinum Bullies. here in Australia

The most extreme pocket American Bully in Australia. King Khafre is from a breeding between Grand Champion Casablanca and a Dax daughter. He is one of Casablancas best sons with very extreme features. 26 inch head, weighs around 80 pounds (has been as high as 88 pounds) and is 14.5inches tall. His brother is Muscle tones Champion Apollo. Open for stud for a limited time in Australia before he is closed and used only in our breeding program. $7000AUD. Currently $2500USD in USA (we have his breedings in the USA)

american bully australia

DOUBLE L's Buss junior

Owned by Ty Lumley.

Buss Junior is a 2017 ABKC nationals winner grand champion thee buss son. He has a very short back and great show confirmation, movement etc. 

We have used him previously and sadly only had the one puppy who is turning out very nice, our next plans for buss junior are to put him to The bully markets blue 2 in March 2020. 


Platinum Bullies Louie

Double L’s Myestro. 

Owned by Ty Lumley in USA. Closed to the public but we still have a few of his frozen breedings here that we will be breeding from in 2022. Beautiful Lilac tri colour, proven producer of beautiful dogs, overall very well balanced.

american bully australia

2016 ABKC Nationals winner grand Champion Axel

Owned by Tyler Wilson of BRBC. 

Open to stud to approved females (Must be approved by Tyler) This Grand Champion beast is a proven producer of tidy show dogs. We imported his semen from Tyler and currently have 4 frozen breedings in Australia and are able to sell some with his permission. We are set to use him in 2020.

platinum bullies australia studs
american bully australia

Champion Redbull

Mr Squish

Owned by Caldeys Bullys in the Uk. 

Proven producer that we have been using in our program. Imported his frozen semen from the UK. Son of ABKC Nationals winner Grand Champion Thee buss. 

We like using stud dogs that have siblings that are all very high level and this boys brothers and sisters are all very elite pocket American Bullies.

Owned by the Bully Market in America. We imported his frozen semen and have plans to use him in 2021 (Breeding due Late May). He is from 2017 ABKC nationals winner grand champion Thee buss bred to Grand champion blueberry 

American Bully American Bully Australia American Bully Grimm Pocket American Bully

Rockofella Grimm. We now believe Grimm to be one of the best producing American Bullies of today with many new stars of the American Bully world being produced by him, some of the most impressive American Bullies seen to date, so we had to import Grimms breedings into Australia and have plans for breeding him to some of our best females at the end of 2021 and in 2022.

Owned by Sam Leam and Khanh Nguyen in USA.

SSS Bullies “The Golden Child” 2 X Grimm. His father Grimm pictured to the left is proven to be one of the best producing American Bullies ever, there are more new big named Bullies being produced by him than any other American Bully. This boy is owned by Sam Leam and Khanh Ngyuen in USA and we have imported several breedings and have some great match ups for him in late 2021 and 2022.